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The direct search: Tailor-made solutions for your recruitment

The direct search:

Tailor-made solutions

 for your recruitment

Management competence and specialization call for well-thought-out recruitment solutions matched to the requirements of individual companies. Clear formulation of the tasks involved and a methodical approach are the principles that provide ideal solutions here. To do this it is first necessary to define the vocational and personal requirements of the position to be filled. On this foundation we develop a tailor-made concept for our recruiting strategy.

Our experienced research team investigates specially targeted firms and relevant Internet platforms. A comprehensive database,

personal contacts plus an optional advertisement under the situations vacant rubric guarantee results and speed up the search process.

We carry out personal interviews with potential candidates. From the information obtained we produce a prioritized selection of the most suitable candidates and a written report on the results of discussions.

Selected candidates are then invited to clarify the possibilities of collaboration with the client.